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Quick, flexible and in top quality

CLOOS robots weld aerial ladders

Compact robot system for maximum flexibility

Henke relies on MoTion Weld for excellent welding results

Tradition connects

Nussbaum modernises welding production with CLOOS

Central data acquisition and processing with C-Gate

Connected welding production at Viessmann Berlin

Power sources and robots from a single source

Linde Material Handling welds with new QINEO NexT by CLOOS

Safety guaranteed

CLOOS & Mayr: Reliable brake systems for vertical axes

High-tech made by CLOOS

Henan Junton Vehicle invests in automated welding technology

Heun relies on CLOOS

Automated welding technology as competitive advantage

Modernisation of a robot system at SAF-HOLLAND

Well prepared for the future with CLOOS Retrofit

Safety in focus

CLOOS robots weld children's vehicles by Puky

Quality and ergonomics in focus

New CLOOS robot system welds brackets at BPW

Increased Efficiency in Automated Welding Technology

Successful Cooperation Between the Companies Cloos and Baumüller

Efficiency through automation and optimised processes

Glüpker Blechtechnologie relies on welding technology by CLOOS

Simple, fast and reliable

New TIG welding power sources with innovative functions

Speed, quality and flexibility in focus

Two new robot systems ensure efficient production

Flexible production in focus

Customised solution for automated small part welding

Change to automation

Innovative production technology ensures competitiveness at MAP

Innovative welding and handling technology

New robot system reduces production times at Viessmann

Opening up new business areas

CLOOS robot welding system for efficiency and flexibility at Albert-Frankenthal

Chained robot system with intelligent shuttle solution

"Unique system" for maximum flexibility and weld quality

STAHA welds with CLOOS robots

A "real eye-catcher" in hall production

CLOOS "All in one" system facilitates the production process at Atmos

Flexible solution for automated welding

Meiller relies on Tandem Weld by CLOOS

Quick, flexible, economic

New QinTron welding power sources for the BPW training centre

Flexible, reliable and robust

Maximum quality, repeatability and process reliability

CLOOS robot welds "omnivores" at H&G

Individual robot systems allow flexible production

Langmatz trusts in CLOOS welding technology

AKP Otomotiv welds aluminium tanks with CLOOS

Individual complete solution for challenging welding tasks

CLOOS robots weld boilers

Caldera increases productivity by more than 70 percent

7-axis robot ensures high-quality standard

Incircioglu welds fans automatically with CLOOS

TEREX Cranes: Onwards and upwards with Cloos

Maximum Efficiency with High Performance Processes

Hammers with "whoomph"

Compact Robot Cell for Process Safety and Top Quality

Ihnen: Modern robot systems guarantee efficient manufacturing

Investments in automated welding technology pay off

Fendt trusts in Cloos welding technology

Complex production line for high-tech tractor cabs

Narrow gap technology revolutionises thick plate welding at Borsig

Cloos robot system guarantees efficiency and quality

TMS depends on technology of the future

Laser welding system for new orders

Top quality from the Czech Republic

CLOOS robot systems guarantee high quality welds

Laser welding system is heart of increased competitiveness

Auto-crane manufacturer manitowoc invests in future technology

Flying high

Complicated welded assemblies for high-rack storage components