Robot system offers highest precision

As specialist for the production of larger formed parts and complex welded assemblies made of steel, stainless steel and aluminium Kohl & Sohn GmbH places the highest priority on product quality. For the production of battery covers of forklifts, the company relies on automation solutions by CLOOS. After the components have been welded with CLOOS robots, another robot takes over the automated rough and fine grinding. This process sequence ensures permanently high-quality results with consistently high quality.

Whether metal forming, welding, cutting, tool construction, measurements, surfaces or coating – with a wide range of manufacturing processes, Kohl & Sohn produces sophisticated components made of steel, stainless steel and aluminium. The company delivers complex welded assemblies or ready-to-install parts just in sequence directly to the assembly line. Whether components for agricultural machinery, battery doors and bonnets for forklift trucks, chassis for electric pallet trucks or elements for automated logistics systems – many customers appreciate the high manufacturing quality of the traditional company. Founded in 1897, Kohl & Sohn is the oldest company within Kohl Gruppe AG. Today, the group of companies employs a total of around 450 people at its three locations in Cologne and Slubice in Poland.

Continuous investment in production
"In addition to the high technical demands on the quality of the products, our customers expect maximum flexibility from us as a supplier," explains Managing Director Hubertus Müller. "As we specialise in the production of small and medium quantities, we have to continuously adapt and expand our machine park in order to be able to react to changing customer requirements in good time.

In 2018, Kohl & Sohn invested in a new robot system for automated grinding of welded components. At the Cologne site, the company uses nine robot systems for automated welding in addition to the grinding system. There are also around 15 welding power sources for manual welding. The company uses another welding robot system at its Polish production site in Slubice.

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