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Laser Weld

Laser Weld - High welding speed and excellent weld quality

Laser Weld provides advantages particularly in the case of sensitive materials. Laser Weld creates a restricted light beam characterised by a very high energy density. The energy melts the material and allows welding. With Laser Weld you increase your productivity due to highest welding speeds. You obtain high-quality welds thus improving the quality of your components due to the specific energy input in the base material. Do you wish a future-oriented process for maximum efficiency and quality? Then rely on Laser Weld by CLOOS!

  • Increased productivity due to maximum welding speed
  • Excellent component quality by specific energy input
  • Steel
  • High-strength steel
  • Aluminium
  • Chrome-nickel materials
  • Coated plates


  • Thin to thick materials
  • Automated welding



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CLOOS Process brochure
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