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QIROX Compact cell QR-CC-1.1

QIROX Compact cell QR-CC-1.1

QIROX QR-CC-1 Compact cell: Your customised solution for automated small part welding

The QIROX QR-CC-1 compact cell is a "Ready to weld" system which has a manual rotary table. The station change is made by means of a horizontal rotation. By means of a pneumatic indexing the positioner and thus the component to be welded is exactly positioned. All robot and positioner axes are fully synchronised. This provides excellent welding results, reduces the secondary processing times and speeds the entire process run enormously.

Overview of your benefits

  • Compact: Just integrate the cells into your production - the compact design facilitates transportation and saves production area.

  • Plug & Weld: Benefit from easy assembly and maintenance - our compact cells are delivered ready to weld and are completely pre-installed.

  • Flexible: Use the compact cells for numerous applications and realise individual extensions and retrofits at any time – the modular design makes it possible.

  • User-friendly: Use our comfortable operating panels - we guarantee easy, precise and intuitive handling.

  • Reliable: Count on "Made in Germany" – as technology leader we guarantee maximum performance in proven CLOOS quality from a single source.

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Nominative load capacity
100 kg
Loading height
900 mm
Clamping surface (per side)
700 x 950 mm
Dimensions (L/W/H)
3700 x 2400 x 2500 mm
Total weight
max. 2500 kg
string(2) "10"
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