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TMS Metall- und Stahlbau

TMS relies on laser welding system of CLOOS 

TMS, manufacturer of high-quality assemblies made of steel, stainless steel and aluminium, wanted to capture new markets. Therefore the Luxembourg company invested in a modern laser welding system with robot technology from CLOOS. Suspended from a C-frame which travels with millimetre precision on an 8 m long floor-mounted linear track, the six-axis QIROX robot works at two stations. The laser welding head is fitted with a pendulum optic including motorised zoom collimation for individual adjustment of the focal position of the laser beam. A laser sensor always holds the welding head in the optimum weld position. For the first time a Scan-Tracker optic is used for heat conduction welding so that different materials
and weld geometries can be reliably processed. The system is fitted with a torch changing unit and can work with a MAG-torch as an alternative to the laser head.

Laser Weld
Thin plate up to 4 mm

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