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H.K. Heun GmbH


Welding robots for ladder construction at Heun

The Heun Group has been relying on CLOOS welding technology for decades. The company uses this robot system to weld ladders for civil engineering. The system consists of two stations that are set up identically on both sides. This allows the employee on one side to remove the welded workpieces and reload the fixture, while the welding process takes place on the other station. The system produces a wide range of different ladder types. The width of the ladders and the number of rungs vary greatly. The robot is therefore equipped with a tactile gas nozzle sensor. The sensor uses an electromechanical sensing principle to determine the start and end of the weld seam. The programmed welding path is corrected accordingly. The system therefore automatically adapts the welding process to the conductor type. This means that only one program is required for the robot system, which greatly simplifies operation.

H.K. Heun GmbH