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Viessmann Werke Berlin GmbH


CLOOS - Innovative Innovative welding and handling technology at Viessmann

The Viessmann Group relies on innovative production technologies worldwide. At its Berlin site, a new robot system from CLOOS not only carries out welding, it also handles the boilers. — the positioner grips and clamps the boiler automatically to bring the workpiece into the optimum position for welding, loading and unloading. When one side has been fully welded, the positioner rotates the boiler automatically to weld the other side. The new system can flexibly process a range of boiler types. Since the boilers are automatically rotated directly in the system and the component tolerances are automatically compensated for during the welding process, the set-up and cycle times — and thus also the production costs — are also reduced considerably.
Viessmann Werke Berlin GmbH