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Rudolf Hörmann GmbH & Co.KG


QIROX compact cell ensure efficient small part welding 

For more than 20 years now, Rudolf Hörmann GmbH & Co. KG with head office in Buchloe (Bavaria, Germany) has placed its trust in welding technology from CLOOS. Last year the commercial and agricultural construction and power engineering specialists began operating two new CLOOS robot systems. This has enabled the company to considerably accelerate the production process for various components, whilst at the same time to increase quality and flexibility. The QIROX QR-CC-4 compact cell or the welding o small parts has a 2-station workpiece positioner with vertical change and vertical rotation . By means of the rotary axis the station is turned from the loading area to the robot within three seconds. During this procedure, the loading area is protected by a light barrier and an additional lateral safety fence There is a glare shield between the two stations. Thus the system operator is perfectly protected and can load a station while welding takes place at the other. All robot and positioner axes are fully synchronised. This provides excellent welding results, reduces the secondary processing times and speeds the entire process run enormously.
Rudolf Hörmann GmbH & Co.KG