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Orion Bausysteme GmbH


QIROX robot ensures optimum welding quality at Orion Bausysteme

Due to the use of a compact welding robot system, Orion achieves optimum welding results at a reduced production time when welding bicycle parking systems and canopies. The heart of the new system is the QIROX QRC-410-E welding robot. The seventh axis considerably extends the working envelope of the robot and allows an optimum welding torch positioning. The 2-station WP-DH-TC-5 kN workpiece positioner with horizontal change and vertical rotation with counter bearing consists of two opposition stations. The two-station design allows robot welding in one station and loading of the components in the other station. By using the automated welding technology, the company achieves precisely reproducible welding results and an excellent product quality.

Orion Bausysteme GmbH