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Matyssek Metalltechnik GmbH


With Cold Weld Matyssek reaches maximum welding speed

The system consists of two stations and a 7-axis robot, model QRC-E 350. The robot is fixed to a floor-mounted linear track and can travel back and forth flexibly between the two stations. The reach of the robot means that it can be easily guided around corners or into niches. The turn/tilt positioner always positions the complex workpiece perfectly for welding. The component - here a hood – is welded with the Cold Weld process. The increased deposition rate of the Cold Weld process results in enormous welding speeds in the case of thin plates. At the same time the material is exposed only to minimal heat so that the original material properties remain largely unchanged. This reduces any reworking to a minimum. 
Matyssek Metalltechnik GmbH