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Henke GmbH


Henke relies on MoTion Weld for excellent welding results

Henke GmbH has relied on the welding technologies by CLOOS for more than 30 years. In 2018, the specialists for industrial sheet metal processing and transformer accessories commissioned a new compact CLOOS robot system. The equipment of the robot system and the process variety enable maximum production flexibility. Wherever special requirements are placed on the weld surface and appearance, Henke uses the new MoTion Weld processes to achieve excellent welding results. The MoTion Weld processes are particularly suitable for thin plate applications and for components with varying gaps and tolerances. The reversing wire allows a maximum process stability. Due to the minimised formation of spatters and powder, less rework is required. In addition, the precise heat control ensures an excellent weld quality.

Henke GmbH