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Henan Junton


Complex robot system with intelligent component allocation

In a complex, chained welding system the industrial vehicle specialist Henan Junton Vehicle produces components for truck dumpers. The system consists of four welding stations with 12 QIROX robots type QRC-410-E in total. A central system controls the transportation of the fixtures. As soon as a fixture is ready, an employee loads it with the workpiece. Then the controllers sends an automated guided vehicle to get the fixture with the workpiece. The controller informs the vehicle what kind of workpiece it is and to which welding station it shall be transported. As soon as the positioner has taken the fixture, the corresponding robots get a command by the controller and welding is automatically started. After welding the robots send a signal to the controller so that the automated guided transport vehicle picks up the fixture again. Subsequently, an employee unloads the welded workpiece. The empty fixture is sent back from the end to the start position via a conveyor above the welding line. The complete production process with intelligent logistics and welding solution allows a nearly operator-free production.

Henan Junton