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TIG DC welding power source up to 400 ampere for automated welding for external ignition module

QINEO QuesT 402 Premium for automated TIG DC welding for external ignition module

Start your next TIG mission with QINEO QuesT: The new high-tech welding power source solves highly demanding TIG welding tasks reliably and efficiently. The QINEO QuesT is characterised by precise ignition properties and optimal process functions. The stable and focussed arc which is easy to control over the entire power range guarantees excellent welding results. When TIG pulsing, you benefit from the high dynamics of the QINEO QuesT which enables fast current transitions even with large capacity differences – so you get perfect welds. The Deep Pulse function stabilises and focuses the arc so that the arc pressure is increased. This can result in both deep penetration for thick sheets and high speeds for thin sheets. A multitude of components, functions, interfaces and configuration possibilities make the QINEO QuesT Premium to be your individual power source for automated welding. Use the advantages of the CLOOS robot interface (QTI) specially adapted to QINEO QuesT and benefit from the convenient, comprehensive parameter input via the teach pendant of the robot controller. All common industrial interfaces for automation are also available. The QINEO QuesT Premium is designed for operation with an external ignition module. The module is mounted close to the welding process so that the torch cable assembly can be made as short as possible. The short transmission distance of the ignition voltage reduces interference to surrounding components and prevents ignition voltage losses in large overall systems.

  • Excellent ignition properties even under difficult conditions
  • Excellent control behaviour enables a stable arc over the entire setting range
  • Optimum process functions for best welding results 
  • Fast transitions even with large capacity differences (TIG pulses)
  • Deep-Pulse-Funktion produces a stabilised and focused arc for deep penetration or high welding speeds (Deep Pulse up to 20 kHz)
  • Modular design and extensive accessories for individual adjustment of the QINEO QuesT to your needs
  • Digital networking with all common industrial interfaces
  • Optimal interface enables access to all setting options of the QINEO QuesT from the robot controller
  • Programming via the robot controller accelerates and simplifies the integration of the QINEO QuesT into the program flow
  • High-quality components and a robust design in proven CLOOS quality



Construction form
External wire drive
Welding current
3 A - 400 A
Welding current 60% duty cycle
400 A
Welding current 100% duty cycl
350 A
Open circuit voltage
76 V - 96 V
Mains voltage
380 V - 480 V / 50 Hz / 3-ph
Connection cable
4 x 6 mm²
Mains protection/400V
35 A
Type of protection
IP 23
Insulation class
Type of cooling
Dimensions L/W/H (without wire
700 x 340 x 255 mm
Weight (without wire drive)
63 kg