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Strong 4-roller wire drive unit to be mounted to a welding robot

4-roller wire drive unit QWD-AR to be mounted to a welding robot

The robust compact wire drive unit is designed for the use at the welding robot. It has a stable, protective housing that accommodates the drive motor as well as its controller and power transmission mechanics. The precise 4-quadrant controller and high motor power ensure optimum traction and accuracy of the wire feed. Large roller diameters give the wire drive a high traction. This guarantees optimum ignition properties and a consistently high weld quality.

  • Excellent welding results due to a powerful and slip-free wire feed
  • Precise motor controller ensures optimum ignition properties and a stable arc
  • High-quality components guarantee maximum availability
  • Stable, compact metal housing protects all relevant parts from external influences

Construction form
External wire drive
Wire feed speed
max. 30 m/min
Dimensions L/W/H
320/200/200 mm
7.5 kg
Wire diameter
0.8 - 2.0 mm