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QINEO MHW-410 Master

QINEO MHW-410 Master

MIG/MAG manual welding torch, water-cooled, with integrated up/down buttons, up to maximum 410 A welding current

MHW-410 Master manual welding torch

The robust MHW-410 Master manual welding torch with integrated up/down buttons is water-cooled and designed for a welding current of up to 410 A. The manual welding torch convinces with excellent cooling properties thanks to a highly efficient water feed in the torch body. This allows a very long service life of the consumables. It has an ergonomic handle which lies slip-proof in the hand of the welder because of silicone inlays. The up/down buttons allows you to switch the welding current, vary the fine adjustment and switch between stored jobs before and during welding. This always gives you the possibility to react appropriately to changes on the component without stopping the welding.

  • Optimum gas coverage at the most compact design: Good accessibility also in narrow components
  • Ergonomic handle: Optimum handling and minimised strain on the wrists
  • High cooling capacity due to efficient water flow: Maximum service life
  • LED lamp: Optimum illumination of the weld also in a poorly illuminated environment
  • Two-touch torch for Up-/Down function: Capacity adjustment, fine adjustment or Job switching before and during welding
  • Ergonomic triggers: Perfectly adjusted pressure point of the triggers for a shake-free setting during welding even when wearing gloves