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TIG DC welding power source up to 140 ampere for manual welding

QINEO GL-202 DC TIG Inverter welding power sources

With their excellent price and performance ratio and their outstanding process functions you can use the QINEO GL-202 TIG Inverter welding power source for a wide range of applications. The welding power source is perfectly suited for on-site applications and repair welding in workshops. The high tolerance to mains voltage fluctuations guarantees best welding results with long cable lengths and when operating on a generator. The QINEO GL-202 is equipped for gas-cooled TIG welding torches as standard.

  • Excellent price and performance ratio
  • High welding capacity on 1- or 3-phase mains
  • Safe arc ignition: Matched start parameters for best ignition conditions
  • Suitable for MMA welding: Optimum flow behaviour and more protection due to VoltageReduceControl
  • Optimum power and weight ratio The powerful but light partner - everywhere
  • Everything at a glance: A clear operating panel for easy handling
  • Robust construction: High level of stability of the devices
Welding current
5 A - 200 A
Welding current 30% duty cycle
200 A
Welding current 100% duty cycl
130 A
Open circuit voltage
83 V
Mains voltage
230 V
Connection cable
3 x 2,5 mm┬▓
Mains protection/230V
16 A - 230 V
Type of protection
IP 23 S
Dimensions (L/W/H) compact uni
400 x 160 x 260 mm
Weight compact unit
9.8 kg