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CLOOS presents a new version of the MIG/MAG welding power source QINEO StarT with integrated wire drive for manual welding. Here, the operating module, a powerful wire drive unit and the support for a 15 kg wire coil are integrated in a compact housing together with the power unit.

High-quality components with optimum price/performance ratio and excellent welding characteristics
The MIG/MAG welding power source QINEO StarT offers an easy entry into the world of modern welding technology. Due to the excellent price-performance ratio, users can weld any workpiece at economic conditions. The heart of the QINEO StarT is an inverter power unit developed by CLOOS. The outstanding arc control guarantees excellent welding results. The maximum quality standard makes the QINEO StarT a long-lasting and robust welding machine.

Modular design and extensive accessories
The configuration possibilities of the QINEO StarT are as flexible as the welding applications are versatile. This is guaranteed by the consistently modular product concept. From the capacity class to the wire tip, each QINEO StarT is customised. Due to the modular system with the Eco, Master and Premium versions users make the QINEO StarT to be their individual welding system. The QINEO StarT is characterised by high-quality components with numerous optional functions.

Simple, quick and intuitive operation
The  compact version of the QINEO StarT also convinces with its easy, quick and intuitive operation. The manual welders benefit from the comfortable operating concept that they can adapt to their individual requirements.

High-tech welding processes and pre-set parameters
In addition to the standard processes, the QINEO StarT offers further innovative CLOOS welding processes with pre-set parameters, depending on the variant. So, the manual welders can get started right away – without a time-consuming search for parameters. With the QINEO StarT 406 operators can also use the energy-reduced, current-controlled MIG/MAG short arc process Fine Weld. Due to the minimised spatter formation, Fine Weld is suitable particularly for thin, coated plates and fine visible weld seams.


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