Seam tracking with arc sensor technology for QINEO ArcBoT

In future, CLOOS will also be offering seam tracking with arc sensor technology for the QINEO ArcBoT cobot solution. The welding specialists with headquarters in Haiger have successfully developed this technology specifically for cobot applications together with their partner Niederrhein Automation. The new function considerably simplifies programming for cobot operators.

The QINEO ArcBoT from CLOOS offers an easy entry to automated welding technology. It relieves employees, ensures consistent, reproducible welding quality and combines the high-tech QINEO welding power source with a high-precision cobot from Doosan Robotics.
The unique advantage of the new function is the monitoring of the welding process by the proven CLOOS arc sensor. During welding, the sensor precisely checks the torch position in relation to the programmed path. This enables automated adjustment in the event of any deviations to ensure consistent, high-quality welding. Loss of time is minimised because measuring and welding take place simultaneously with the arc sensor. At the same time, workpiece distortion, e.g. due to thermal expansion, is directly compensated for. The CLOOS arc sensor thus combines productivity with optimised quality.

Users can integrate the new function into their cobot quickly and easily with a firmware update and an optional app. By using the new technology, they benefit from increased efficiency and precision in their welding production.

The introduction of seam tracking marks a significant step forward for cobot welding solutions and emphasises the commitment of CLOOS and Niederrhein Automation as a long-standing Doosan cobot integrator to innovation and quality.

Die Einführung der Nahtverfolgung markiert einen bedeutenden Fortschritt für Cobot-Schweißlösungen und unterstreicht das Engagement von CLOOS und Niederrhein Automation als langjähriger Doosan-Cobot-Integrator für Innovation und Qualität.

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