QINEO NexT at Sieglift

Haiger/Derschen – Sieglift GmbH develops, produces and sells roll-off containers for fire brigades, THW and disaster control. This enables firefighting and drinking water as well as various equipment materials to be transported to the site of operation quickly and with minimum effort. For the production of the roll-off containers Sieglift relies on high-tech welding technology from CLOOS. The MIG/MAG welding power source QINEO NexT meets the high quality requirements of the container specialist for manual welding.

Sieglift managing director Kais Hmaidan has been working in steel and container construction for more than 25 years. Four years ago he started his own product division for roll-off containers. In addition, the company manufactures underground lift systems for housing associations and large properties. Meanwhile, fire brigades and disaster control organisations from all over Germany use roll-off containers from Sieglift. "The areas of application and requirements of our customers can be very different," explains sales manager Till Eibach. "That's why our roll-off containers offer a wide range of expansion options and can be manufactured individually according to customer requirements." Many roll-off containers have also been used in recent months to secure supplies in the Ahr valley.

Sieglift relies on innovative production technologies to guarantee the high quality standards. "Our customers expect a product that is individually adapted to their requirements. In addition to its high-quality workmanship, it must be technically perfect, reliable and durable," emphasises Eibach.

In the welding area, the company relies on CLOOS technologies. Sieglift uses four QINEO NexT 452 MIG/MAG welding power sources from CLOOS for manual welding. No matter if manual or automated welding, thin or thick materials or materials requiring an A/C Solution – the QINEO NexT offers the perfect solution for every task. The heart of the QINEO NexT is an inverter power unit developed by CLOOS with a high cycle rate and highly dynamic characteristics. This allows an ideal arc control for excellent results. the consistently modular product concept allows many configuration possibilities for individual applications.

Excellent arc characteristics for highest welding quality are stand-out features of the QINEO NexT. The regulated drop separation ensures stable and reproducible processes – even in the case of complex welding tasks. As there are nearly no spatters during welding, reworking in the following production steps reduces enormously. "Due to the reduced spatter formation, we achieve better welding results and benefit from the considerable savings in rework as well as the enormous time savings," emphasises Eibach.

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