New MIG/MAG welding process combination Mix Vari Control Weld

HAIGER, September 2023 – At SCHWEISSEN & SCHNEIDEN, CLOOS presents a new combination of two MIG/MAG welding processes. With Mix Vari Control Weld users can solve demanding welding tasks even with heat-sensitive materials. They benefit from the advantages of combining the proven MIG/MAG standard welding process Control Weld and the MIG/MAG pulse welding process Vari Weld.

Easy handling, flexible application possibilities and optimal welding results
With Mix Vari Control Weld, phases with high and low energy input alternate. The simple handling enables a quick use of the welding process in the production without extensive training. Because with Mix Vari Control Weld, even weld vertical-up welds and horizontal-vertical positions can be welded linearly. Oscillating positions such as the Christmas tree technique are then no longer necessary. This saves users even more time in the process run. The welding process is also characterised by reliable penetration and a reduced spatter formation. Due to the wide range of setting options in the areas of synergy characteristics and power, users can flexibly adapt the welding process to their individual requirements. Mix Vari Control Weld is also suitable for heat-sensitive materials such as fine-grained structural steel, high-strength and higher-strength steels and chrome-nickel.

Process diversity in perfection
The selection of the right welding process is essential for a successful production. With a large range of proven and innovative processes for manual and automated welding applications, CLOOS can offer solutions for the future providing excellent quality, maximum efficiency and productivity. So, the welding specialists continuously develop our welding processes in our technology centre under practical conditions.

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