Cooperation promotes technology and know-how transfer

HAIGER/KREUZTAL – In the middle of February Carl Cloos Schweisstechnik GmbH concluded a cooperation agreement with SDFS Smarte Demonstrationsfabrik Siegen GmbH. CLOOS places a compact robot cell for welding the rear axles of the e.GO Life electrical vehicle at the disposal of SDFS. Subjects of artificial intelligence, digital connectivity and interconnectivity with the Demonstrationsfabrik Aachen are tested in the SDFS research facilities.

"As a high-tech seller of individual welding solutions we actively advance the research of innovative technologies", says CLOOS Managing Director Sieghard Thomas. "We are looking forward to the knowledge exchange with SDFS and are sure that the partnership will provide valuable impetus for developing our products further”. The welding specialists with its headquarters in Haiger, Hessen, place their emphasis to digitalisation and connectivity both in their own production and with regard to the product development. “The global demand increases for highly automated and intelligent robot systems where the single components and master systems are linked with each other,” explains Thomas. So the new CLOOS gateway C-Gate, for example, allows a user-specific visualisation, analysis and further processing of the operating and welding process data.

“Since the very first meeting, CLOOS made us feel talking with a professional and technically strong partner”, emphasises SDFS Managing Director Christian Pulz. “Due to the partnership started today, we expect to make a big step of innovation into the digitalisation in welding technology together with CLOOS”.

The SDFS Smarte Demonstrationsfabrik Siegen GmbH arose from the cooperation of the Siegen University with the RWTH Aachen. The idea of SDFS is to build up a real factory as a living laboratory where industry and university institutes work together near to the practical reality. For this, an attractive modern location with innovative infrastructure is built on the site of Achenbach Buschhütten GmbH & Co. KG in Kreuztal-Buschhütten. There, many different partners join in a strong network with their special wealth of experience and their motivations.

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