Concentrated welding expertise

HAIGER - The CLOOS application and process development department offers feasibility studies on customer components, the creation and optimisation of robot programs and advice on the selection of the optimal welding technology. Thus, it plays a central role in the development of customer-specific welding solutions and new welding technologies.

Many years of know-how meet the latest technologies
"In our welding competence centre, our specialists develop efficient solutions and innovative welding technologies that are tailored to the individual needs of our customers," says Christian Paul, head of application and process technology development at CLOOS, who has continuously expanded the department since the beginning in the 1980s. Today, the department consists of 22 employees who always get the best out of the arc for customers in an area of 1,500 m². The specialists use the latest technologies for manual and automated welding. Whether TIG, MIG, MAG, plasma or laser hybrid - the competence centre covers the entire range of welding technology and can process all materials. Innovative processes such as additive welding are also used and continuously developed at CLOOS. A total of 12 robot systems with various peripheral equipment are available for tests and demonstrations. Complex components with a length of up to 6 metres and a weight of up to 4 tonnes can be processed there.  

With their comprehensive know-how, the specialists advise customers and colleagues on the selection of the optimum manufacturing process, welding process and welding technology.

The employees have extensive experience in the areas of welding, brazing, cutting, burning, brushing and cleaning, in the optimum selection of parameters, the properties and influences of filler materials and gases as well as in the many possible applications of sensor technology. "In 1986, we already used the first laser sensor for online seam tracking on a 10-axis robot system," Paul recalls. "Today, we can ensure the best possible weld quality with tactile gas nozzle sensors, arc sensors and online and offline laser sensors."  

In addition, the topics of digitisation and networking are also playing an increasingly important role in application and process development. Thus, all robot systems are networked with each other and equipped with the CLOOS digitisation platform C-Gate.

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