Cobot Welding System

Across all industries, companies face the increasing challenge of finding qualified manual welders. The shortage of skilled workers and increasing labour expenses make this even more difficult. At the same time, the demands on quality, flexibility and efficiency are growing continuously. New solutions are needed to ensure competitiveness. The Cobot Welding System from CLOOS and MPA Technology offers an easy entry into the world of automated welding. With the Cobot Welding System, users can weld even small batch sizes economically and with consistently high quality. The high-tech MIG/MAG welding power source and the very precise Cobot complement each other perfectly.

The compact "Ready to weld" package is delivered completely ready for operation. This guarantees a problem-free integration into existing production processes.  A torque sensor in each axis allows the Cobot to be programmed and moved precisely. The intuitive operation significantly increases work efficiency. The user can make individual adjustments on the user-friendly touch control panel with macros specially developed for welding. In addition, the Freedrive option with foot switch and the intelligent safety concept guarantee sensitive and safe control of the Cobot. Another special feature is the simple restart after an emergency stop as no extensive unlocking or free movement of the robot is necessary.

In addition to the relief of the employees – especially with monotonous, repetitive tasks – the users benefit from excellent welding results due to the constant, reproducible quality. The integrated safety components ensure the necessary personal protection and an electrically movable protective screen mounted to the optional welding table protects the surroundings from the UV radiation generated during welding.

CLOOS offers users a wide range of innovations for the economical automated welding of even small batch sizes. No matter whether the new Cobot Welding System, the new QIROX microcells, the Instant Robot Programming System IRPS or the offline programming software RoboPlan - CLOOS supports users in finding their individual solution for welding small batches.

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