CLOOS Retrofit: QIROX Controller Upgrade

It is not infrequent that industrial robots and welding equipment by Carl Cloos Schweisstechnik GmbH remain in service for more than 20 years. As the requirements for a modern welding production are continuously increasing, quick and efficient adjustments are often necessary. The CLOOS service team advices and helps users with any modifications/retrofits required on your robot systems to increase their productivity and to adapt them to changed requirements.

With the QIROX Controller Upgrade, CLOOS brings your controller up to the latest state of the art. Thus users can considerably increase the performance and efficiency of their existing system without investing in a completely new system for automated welding.  

With the QIROX Controller upgrade, they can use new functions and technologies to increase the efficiency of their welding production to a new level. The new QIROX Quick Weld Programming operating software in connection with the new QIROX Operating System QOS and the new QIROX Technology Interface QTI enables an even more user-friendly, intuitive operation of the QIROX welding robots. Thus users reduce their programming times considerably. Thanks to the CAN interface they can also easily modernise their welding technology with the new welding power sources of the QINEO series. In addition, they can access all data and information from their welding production in real time with the optional CLOOS digitisation platform C-Gate. Last but not least, users benefit from the increased spare parts availability by updating the robot controller.

To use the welding power sources in a competent and efficient manner it is decisive to train the employees well. In customisable seminars users get familiar with the safe operation and programming of the robot using the updated controller. They reinforce the knowledge and skills learnt by practical exercises in small groups using real robot systems and actual technical components.

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