CLOOS presents QINEO QuesT

HAIGER – In future, the QINEO QuesT will complete the established product portfolio of Carl Cloos Schweisstechnik GmbH for high-end TIG applications as a new benchmark. The new high-tech welding power source solves highly demanding TIG tasks reliably and efficiently. At the Schweisstec exhibition in Stuttgart, trade visitors could experience the new TIG welding power source and the wide range of QINEO welding power sources live.

The QINEO QuesT is characterised by precise ignition properties and optimal process functions. The stable arc which is easy to control over the entire power range guarantees excellent welding results. With TIG pulsing, users benefit from the fast transitions even with large capacity differences – and thus obtain perfect welds. The Deep Pulse function stabilises and focuses the arc so that the arc pressure is increased. This can result in both deep penetration for thick sheets and high speeds for thin sheets. Numerous components and functions make the QINEO QuesT an individual power source - exactly as users need it for their welding tasks.

The product highlights at a glance:
1.    Excellent ignition properties from 3 amps upwards
2.    Optimum process functions for best welding results
3.    Fast transitions even with large capacity differences (TIG pulses)
4.    Stable and focused arc for deep penetration or high welding speeds (Deep Pulse up to 20 kHz)
5.    Modular design for individual adjustment of the QINEO QuesT to your needs
6.    Comfortable operating concept for easy, quick and intuitive handling
7.    Digital networking with all common industrial interfaces


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