5th RoboPlan Symposium at CLOOS

HAIGER – At 05 December 2019, Carl Cloos Schweisstechnik GmbH invited their customers to the 5th RoboPlan symposium. About 40 visitors exchanged news about the use of RoboPlan software in welding technology. A varied program with lectures, live demonstrations and many opportunities for individual questions and exchange of experience awaited the participants. A highlight of the symposium was the presentation of the new optional RoboPlan functions, which greatly simplify offline programming and increase the efficiency of welding production many times over.

­­After the official welcome by Christian Paul, Head of Application and Process Engineering Development at CLOOS, Sven Müller presented the new RoboPlan version V7.03. In the course of the morning, further exciting contributions on the new pick modes in RoboPlan, the various service packages for maintenance contract customers and numerous practical examples followed. After the lunch together, the participants received a comprehensive insight into the new optional functions of RoboPlan during live demonstrations and were able to extensively test them with practical examples.

The CLOOS RoboPlan software enables offline programming of automated robot welding systems. RoboPlan allows the generation of welding and travel paths as well as sensor routines at 3D models and their direct transfer into the robot controller. This increases the system utilisation, optimises the production process and makes welding more flexible. The new optional functions simplify offline programming considerably.

The function "Automatic path optimisation" enables RoboPlan to recognise the component geometry. As soon as a collision of component and welding torch is determined, the torch orientation is automatically adapted according to editable rules. Thus, RoboPlan can resolve collision-afflicted situations in the weld paths.

The function "RoboPlan-CAD Interface“ enables the automatic generation of welding paths on the basis of weld information stored in a CAD system. An extension (AddIn) for the CAD system extracts weld information such as geometric positions and weld thicknesses and makes it available for RoboPlan via interface. From this information, RoboPlan directly generates weld paths.

The "Welds from CAD" function automatically detects geometric bodies (prisms and sheet bodies) in the CAD data which serve to mark the weld courses. The welds planned by the user are thus produced at the correct position and directly converted into welding paths.

All about the new functions: newsflyer (PDF)

More about RoboPlan: https://www.cloos.de/de-en/cloos-tv/cloos-offline-programming-with-roboplan/ 

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