Speed Weld: Pulsed arc process for rapid welding

Speed Weld is used in all sectors of industrial production and is perfectly suitable for joining components with different plate thicknesses. The Speed Weld process is a U/I-controlled pulsed arc. Here the pulse phase is voltage-controlled and very resistant to external influences, such as stickout changes for example. The base voltage phase is current-controlled and ensures that the arc is maintained also with low currents. Due to the voltage regulation of the pulse phase the arc stabilises itself because of the internal control. With Speed Weld you achieve high welding speeds because of the directionally stable and powerful arc. You benefit from the excellent weld quality due to the deep penetration. You avoid extensive reworks as the pulsed arc technology reduces spatters to a minimum. Do you look for a stable all-round process which can be used either in the low- or in high-capacity range? Then rely on Speed Weld by CLOOS!

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