Rapid Weld: That's what efficiency looks like!

Rapid Weld provides advantages wherever high penetration depths and a safe root fusion are required. The process is particularly suited for manual and automated applications in industries such as construction machinery, shipbuilding and railway vehicle construction. Rapid Weld is a high-capacity spray arc. The special control generates a very focused stable arc with a very high arc pressure. With the help of special electrical parameters, both a wide arc and a narrow, focussed arc can be set. Thus you can exactly model the penetration profile. Due to the very small opening angle you reduce filler material and shielded gas. You obtain complete fusions due to the deep penetration. You reduce the welding time as considerably less welding layers are necessary. Do you wish to bring down your production costs with a powerful process and to increase your welding productivity? Then rely on Rapid Weld by CLOOS!

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