QIROX robot welds rear walls for tippers at Meiller

The industrial vehicle specialist Meiller has trusted in the CLOOS technology for decades. A CLOOS system with two QR-WP-DH-TSC double-station workpiece positioners is used for the production of rear walls for tippers. Each station has a horizontal swivelling axis with an L-shaped extension arm. The extension arm contains a vertical rotary axis with a faceplate which serves for holding the workpiece. The station change is made by a horizontal rotation. The QIROX QRC-350 robot is mounted overhead on a positioner with vertical stroke and can flexibly change between the welding stations. The system is equipped with a tactile gas nozzle sensor and a laser offline sensor. The flexibility of the system considerably increases due to the control and compensation of tolerances between the programmed paths and the real workpieces. Due to the 2x2 station design, robot welding in one station and loading of the components in the other station is simultaneously possible.


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