QINEO ArcBoT Welding Systems at Gluepker

In order to weld even small batch sizes economically and in consistently high quality, Gl├╝pker Blechtechnologie uses three QINEO ArcBoT Welding Systems from CLOOS. The ArcBots now weld mainly smaller components with a size of up to half a metre. A torque sensor in each axis allows the ArcBoTs to be precisely programmed and moved. The user can make individual adjustments on the user-friendly touch control panel with macros specially developed for welding. In addition, the freedrive option with foot switch and the intelligent safety concept guarantee sensitive and safe control of the cobots. The QINEO ArcBoT Welding systems are each equipped with the high-tech QINEO NexT MSG welding power source, which is characterised by diverse high-performance welding processes and excellent welding properties.


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