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CLOOS Online Academy

CLOOS Online Seminars: Learn and discuss with our experts!  

Would you like to receive further information about our products and discuss current challenges in welding technology?

Our online seminar program offers you practical insights into the world of manual and automated welding with CLOOS. At our online seminars you have the opportunity to be a live listener and spectator and ask questions to our experts.

Be there and discover the world of CLOOS - we look forward to your participation!


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Modern types of arc: Pulsed vs. non-pulsed arc welding processes (2020-09-24, 2-3pm CET)
  • Comparison and interpretation of pulsed and non-pulsed arc welding processes
  • Technical discussion of the processes
  • Vari Weld, Speed Weld, Control Weld
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Automation as competitive advantage (2020-10-01, 2-3pm CET)
  • Robot welding as driver for quality and efficiency
  • Entry opportunities in automated welding technology
  • Overview of automated welding solutions from compact robot cells to chained production lines


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Digitisation in welding technology with C-Gate (2020-10-08, 2-3pm CET)
  • Opportunities through digitisation in welding technology
  • Central data acquisition and processing with C-Gate
  • Monitoring and predictive control of production processes
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Best weld seam quality with the QIROX sensor systems (2020-10-15, 2-3pm CET)
  • Testing and compensation of tolerances between the programmed paths and the real workpieces
  • Quality assurance through precise welding processes
  • Different sensors for individual application areas


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Manual welding with the high-tech MIG/MAG welding power source QINEO NexT (2020-10-22, 2-3pm CET)
  • High-quality inverter technology for excellent weld seam quality
  • Simple operation and maintenance
  • Wide range of applications due to large selection of processes


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Construction suitable for welding (2020-10-29, 2-3pm CET)
  • Successful interaction between construction and production
  • Drawing information
  • General construction notes
  • Robot-friendly construction
  • Examples of damage cases


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Offline programming with RoboPlan (2020-11-05, 2-3pm CET)
  • Offline programming during production: Increase of the degree of system utilisation
  • Quick product and component adaptation: Optimisation of the production process
  • Prototype programming: Improved production planning


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Process overview of process control variants (2020-11-19, 2-3pm CET)
  • Overview of welding processes
  • Fields and applications
  • Root Weld
  • Rapid Weld
  • Cold Weld
  • Fine Weld


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Automated welding processes (2020-11-26, 2-3pm CET)
  • Efficiency of automated welding processes
  • MoTion Weld
  • Tandem Weld
  • Laser Weld
  • Laser-Hybrid Weld
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QIROX QR-30/45/60-PL robot: A wide variety of application possibilities (2020-12-03, 2-3pm CET)
  • More than welding: The all-round robot with big payload
  • Wide range of applications: Laser or laser-hybrid welding, handling or grinding tasks
  • Flexible application of different work processes with one robot


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