QinTron now with Pulse function

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HAIGER – One year ago, CLOOS presented the new QinTron inverter welding machine for the first time. Now the welding specialists from Haiger expand the new product line by the Pulse function for MIG/MAG welding with a pulsed arc.

A robust design, excellent ignition and welding characteristics, comfortable operating elements and a perfect price-performance ratio are the main features of the QinTron. The welding machines with infinitely adjustable voltage preselection are available in the capacity classes of 400 A, 500 A and 600 A. The modern inverter technology offers a great energy-saving potential at an optimum degree of efficiency. The multi-process system can be combined according to user specifications and is flexibly applicable for the MIG/MAG, TIG (Liftstart), MMA and gouging processes.

Now the QinTron is also available with the Rapid Weld and Vari Weld high-capacity welding processes for MIG/MAG welding with a pulsed arc. Rapid Weld provides advantages wherever high penetration depths and a safe root fusion are required. The special control generates a very focused stable arc with a very high arc pressure. By means of special electrical parameters it is possible to exactly modulate the penetration profile. Due to the very small opening angle the quantity of filler material and shielded gas can be reduced considerably. The main advantage of Vari Weld is a very directionally stable and powerful arc. Thus relatively high welding speeds with deep penetration can be achieved with Vari Wel.

The DuoPulse option completes the welding process package. This function extends the energy control possibility. With alternating "hot and cold" pulses the weld pool is modulated by the welding capacity and thus the heat input into the component to be welded can be varied.

The new welding processes open up new fields for different applications. The modular design of the QinTron and the subsequent upgrade capability allow maximum flexibility: individual extensions and retrofits are possible without too much effort.

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