QinTron – simply robust

New generation of inverter welding machines

With the robust Qintron inverter welding machines Carl Cloos Schweisstechnik GmbH expands the established product portfolio. In co-operation with Shenzhen Riland Industry CLOOS developed a new generation of welding machines particularly for indoor and outdoor applications under rough conditions. The machines are characterised by the proven quality and reliability of Cloos.

A robust design, optimum ignition and welding characteristics and an excellent price/performance ratio are the main features of the Qintron. Besides, the comfortable operating elements ensure an easy, quick and intuitive handling and automatically adapt to the user's requirements.

The welding machines with infinitely adjustable voltage preselection are available in the capacity classes of 400 A, 500 A and 600 A. The modern inverter technology offers a great energy-saving potential at an optimum degree of efficiency. The multi-process system can be combined according to user specifications and is applicable for the MIG/MAG, TIG, MMA and Gauging processes. Both solid and fluxed core wires can be welded with the new welding machine. Besides, the machines can be freely configured with regard to the type of cooling, the variations in control and the scope of the equipment. The modular design and the subsequent upgrade capability allow maximum flexibility: individual extensions and retrofits are possible without too much effort. On request the Qintron is supplied as ready-to-weld package, for example with the components welding torch, torch cable assembly, carriage/bottle holder and cooling unit. With the new welding machines Cloos finally becomes a full liner: Now the product range covers everything from the introductory to the premium level and from manual machines to automated welding systems.

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