Offline programming with CLOOS RoboPlan software

HAIGER/WEGBERG – As a manufacturer of switching systems in the medium voltage range, quality is the highest priority for Driescher-Wegberg.  Therefore, the company relies on the CLOOS technologies regarding automated welding. "By using the robot system with the CLOOS RoboPlan software for offline programming we could increase the welding quality once again and at the same time reduce the production time considerably," Horst Heinrichs, Head of Pre-Fabrication at Driescher-Wegberg, states happily.

Since 1909, the Fritz Driescher KG has manufactured products for switching and plant construction in the medium voltage range. More than 2,000 patents in different industries are evidence of a high innovative power and effectiveness. The products meet the highest requirements for safety, functionality and efficiency. At the headquarters in Wegberg, North-Rhine Westphalia, more than 300 employees work in the fields of development, construction, sheet processing, powder coating, assembly and administration. Besides, there are subsidiaries for service, maintenance and repair all over the world.

Robot for maximum production flexibility

The company is characterised by a very high vertical integration and pushes automation in all fields. Since 2015, Driescher-Wegberg relies on a CLOOS robot system for welding housings of switching systems at the main premises in Wegberg.

"The demands of our customers on quality, delivery times and flexibility have greatly increased", explains Heinrichs. "Normally, we delivery within 8 weeks, but in the case of an acute power failure at the customer's premises we have to react shortly within one or two days."

The switching system have a modular design and can be assembled individually. But Driescher-Wegberg reacts flexibly to particular customer requests. Due to the wide variety of products, mostly small batch sizes are produced.

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