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SANMENXIA/HAIGER – Chinese companies increase their investments in highly automated welding systems. For some years now, the industrial vehicle specialist Henan Junton Vehicle completely trusts in the welding technologies by Cloos. With the highly automated welding systems, the company can further increase the efficiency of its production and thus expand its competitiveness.

Henan Junton Vehicle Co., Ltd. was founded in 2005 and is continuously rising. Today, the company is said to be the industrial vehicle manufacturer with the biggest production capacity in China. The product portfolio comprises crane-lifting trucks and industrial transport vehicles, among others. In total, Junton manufactures 200 different products. The production and a part of the development department are located at the headquarters in Sanmenxia in Henan, a province of Central China. Here, 1,500 employees produce about 80,000 vehicles per year in a production area measuring more than 1,000,000 sqm. Another research and development centre is situated in Xi´an, in the province of Shaanxi. The company sells the vehicles both all over China and abroad in South-East Asia, Africa, Central Asia and South America.

"We would like to further increase the quality and the productivity of our production by means of continuous investments in automated welding technology", explains Jianfeng Pan, Managing Director and owner of Henan Junton Vehicle Co., Ltd. "We wish to rebuild our production sites to be the most modern ones with regard to digitalisation and connectivity in worldwide comparison." Overall, Henan Junton Vehicle has 39 CLOOS welding robots in operation. Another 26 robot systems are already ordered and will be commissioned soon. Within the next three years, 60 more CLOOS welding robots shall be added.

Complex robot system with intelligent component allocation

In a modern production hall, components for more than 100 dumpers for trucks are produced in a complex, chained welding system per day. The system consists of four welding stations with 12 QIROX robots type QRC-410-E in total. The six-axis articulated arm robot has an excenter axis 7 which is integrated between robot base and centre point of axis 1.

This seventh axis extends the working envelope of the robot and allows an optimum welding torch positioning. Two robots each are working in two stations, four robots each are working in the two other stations. The welding robots are mounted upright on floor-mounted linear tracks. Carriages move the robots in horizontal direction which simplifies the welding of long workpieces.

A central system controls the transportation of the fixtures. As soon as a fixture is ready, an employee loads it with the workpiece. Then the controllers sends an automated guided vehicle to get the fixture with the workpiece. The controller informs the vehicle what kind of workpiece it is and to which welding station it shall be transported. As soon as the positioner has taken the fixture, the corresponding robots get a command by the controller and welding is automatically started. After welding the robots send a signal to the controller so that the automated guided transport vehicle picks up the fixture again. Subsequently, an employee unloads the welded workpiece. The empty fixture is sent back from the end to the start position via a conveyor above the welding line. Then the procedure starts again and the controller sends the vehicle to the next workpiece.

The complete production process with intelligent logistics and welding solution allows a nearly operator-free production. "During factory visits, our customer admire the latest production technology and appreciate the high level of automation behind the products," emphasises Pan. "In total we could considerably increase our market performance regarding product quality and efficiency".

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