Agrostroj trusts in welding technology "Made by CLOOS"

PELHRIMOV/HAIGER – As the biggest manufacturer of agricultural machines in the Czech Republic Agrostroj relies on the most modern production systems. Regarding welding, the successful Czech company completely trusts in the CLOOS technologies. In the middle of April Agrostroj put the hundredth robot of the Haiger welding specialists into operation.

"If you wish to successfully offer high-quality products on the global market, you need innovative technology and qualified employees," emphasises the owner and managing director of Agrostroj, Lubomír Stoklásek. Since 1998 he has been managing the company and the Forbes magazine recently elected him as the most successful Czech entrepreneur of the year. Within just a few years, Stoklásek made a competitive global player out of the former Eastern bloc supplier. Today, Agrostroj supplies numerous component groups and finished parts to many well-known manufacturers in the industries of agricultural machines, industrial vehicles, construction machines and logistics.

At the end of the 1990's the company put the first CLOOS robot into operation and has been continuously investing in automated welding technology since then. Whether for compact cells and systems, "All in one" conceptions or complex robot systems – Agrostroj have a wide range of CLOOS robot systems in different sizes at disposal. Currently more than 600 manual welding power sources from CLOOS are in use. Due to the flexible system combinations, the company can quickly react to changing requirements. All robot systems are equipped with the offline programming software RoboPlan and the User Management System (UMS) by CLOOS. Thus Agrostroj can consider the requirements of customers much more flexible. The use of automated welding technology results in an excellent product quality at the shortest production times.

"We are glad that CLOOS is our reliable partner and available for us with advice and action in the field of welding technology", Stoklásek states happily. "CLOOS has an excellent reputation in the market and delivers its technologies to many of our customers."
On-the-spot support in Pelhrimov is provided by the long-standing CLOOS subsidiary, based in Prague. One of the CLOOS Praha technician is permantently based in the Agrostroj factory and takes care of the maintenance and repair of the many welding systems.

"Agrostroj is one of our most loyal and globally most important customers", explains CLOOS Managing director Sieghard Thomas. "We look forward to continuing the successful and partnership-based co-operation with CLOOS in the future." The two companies will further expand their trust-based cooperation. In the meantime, Agrostroj has already ordered the 106th robot at CLOOS.

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